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  • The Porta Potty Rooftop Race Is Not For The Weak

    Attending the Preakness Stakes horse race in Baltimore Maryland provides an opportunity to see not one, but two events. Every year several people find the unofficial sport of running across porta potty rooftops to be a feat/dare worth challenging. Though it does not take a stroke of genius to run across the tops of outdoor bathrooms, it does take a bit of courage and a whole lot of balance.

    The courage comes into play with this annual event because spectators throw beer cans and often bottles at those brave enough to participate in the “Toilet Run”. If having cans and bottles being thrown at them is not enough combined with the unlevel terrain, participants must be able run across the slippery slopes of the plastic porta potty rooftops that become saturated with beer.

    Though it is perhaps viewed by many to be a dumb stunt to pull, it does not stop dozens from doing it every year at the races. Many people find the tricky act of running across the tops of beer saturated toilets to be something only “rednecks” would do, however one might be surprised that the men/women doing it are not always red around the neck. A lot of the participants are white collar professionals simply looking to get a thrill or perhaps win some cash and get some laughs.

    Unfortunately the thrills and laughter will not pay the hospital bills of those who can easily become face to face with pain and injury as a “Toilet Run” participant. By browsing the available “Toilet Run” videos five were are considered to be the best and are being watched as a tribute to the upcoming Preakness Stakes horse race. These videos should not be watched with the volume up full blast as there are a lot of highly intoxicated spectators rooting, or booing the contestants on.

    After watching these videos one could wonder why on earth would anyone put their body through such a ridiculous ordeal. There could only be one answer, and that would be the contestants may have themselves become slightly intoxicated to endure the spectators cruel deeds. After all, it is hard to run across plastic, having to do so on plastic that is soaked with beer is definitely a challenge even Olympians would be leery of.

    When having a crowd of beer can slingers and naysayers rooting you on, courage from the bottle or can in this case, may be required to participate in this famous run. The videos honoring this year’s upcoming race feature contestants that gleefully slip and slide, crawl and stagger across the rooftops of porta potty’s to entertain us. One contestant takes a graceful swan dive, while another suffers getting hit in the face with a beer can and yet another one of them wins a broken ankle for his efforts. All in all, running the “Toilet Run” seems to be entertaining and fun for both spectator and contestant, if you don’t mind the slippery slopes and interrupting people while they are hoping for a more private moment, or three.

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