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  • Consider VIP Restroom Services For Your Providence Event

    restroom trailers new haven ctWhen it comes races, parties, or any other event that is handled in the great outdoors there is always one aspect that tends to be overlooked, bathroom facilities. Well now this part of event planning can be taken care of with ease as many companies offer portable restroom trailers.

    There is no better way to make your guests feel truly special than to offer them a VIP bathroom experience while attending an event. This is a particularly good idea if the event has any alcohol featured as everyone is well aware that alcohol leads to more trips to a restroom.

    So, whether you’re hosting a graduation party in a rural backyard or an upscale wedding ceremony in a rustic location, you can take care of your guests restroom needs by utilizing portable restrooms.

    Potty Planning

    Everyone has been to an event that unfortunately did not offer the best arrangements relating to bathroom needs. Whether it was an outdoor location with a lone porter potty that was less than desirable or an indoor location with not enough facilities that made for long lines, it is an aspect of planning that is often overlooked.

    You don’t want guests waiting in line forever just to use the bathroom; you also want to make sure that their experience is not a disgusting one. This is why it’s important to properly plan for the restroom needs of your guests. There are some simple guidelines that can help you make the best decision.


    Calculating Needs

    The first step in calculating restroom needs is assembling a solid guest list, once this list has been solidified then you can start to determine your guests’ needs. The general rule is one facility per 50 guests, this will allow for smaller wait lines and ensure that your guests are optimizing their experience at your event and not spending their time waiting in line to use the restroom. From there it’s important to go over a few more details regarding your event. If alcohol is going to be served then you should add another facility per 50 people. When people drink they tend to use the restroom more frequently.

    So now for an event with 100 people you should have a total of four restrooms. The next consideration is the duration of your event. If it is four hours or more than double your numbers. For an event that serves alcohol that is four hours long and has 100 guests you should have eight restrooms available. Now, here is the interesting part of the calculation. If your guest list for your event features more than 50% women than it is recommended that you add an extra restroom per 50 guests. Women clearly use the restroom more frequently than men.

    By choosing a company that offers portable restrooms trailers you are sure to have the best bathroom facility ratio to guests. These portable restroom facilities offer a clean environment to answer the call of nature and feature multiple stalls allowing for optimum use.

    Hosting an event whether a party in nature or a wedding reception in the woods you definitely want to make sure that there are plenty of clean restrooms available for your guests. You want your guests to enjoy your event and have a good time, not stand around and wait in line for a less than par facility.

    Now, that you have the guidelines for calculating your restroom needs you are better equipped to make the best decision for your event and guests. Portable restroom trailers are the only option when it comes to event and party planning and the needs of your guests.

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